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Refinished Basements- 5 Keys to Save Money and Avoid Headaches

 A refinished basement completed exceptionally well will transform the possibilities of an entire house, and adds an impressive amount of living space.

It's a project best left to design rather than chance.

The 5 basement tips below can make
a big difference 



Great St Louis Basement Design and Results

Cover These 5 Bases to Avoid Pitfalls . . .

      (1) Does Water Leak Into the Proposed Living Space?

Is your cellar dry?  How about during one of the season's biggest rains?  If that's a problem, handle this first with a reliable and trusted contractor.

(2) Floor Plan -- Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

A well thought plan saves time and money, and before your basement remodeling project begins, it's smart to have the details on worked out on paper.

Making mistakes with the pen is ALWAYS cheaper than tearing walls out later. This is an area where an experienced basement finisher with great design ideas can be invaluable.

Not only are mistakes less likely, but an experienced contractor can bring to mind helpful design concepts that the home owner might not have envisioned.

Accuracy is important.

When measuring for bathrooms, bars, and kitchenettes, an inch or two can really make a difference whether the chosen location will be suited properly for the space.

basement system


Exterior walls must be measured accurately in relation to the support columns, I-beams, drain stacks, furnace, trunk lines, water heater, etc.

These are what I like to call the uncompromising obstacles that the whole basement design MUST accommodate and be designed around.

(3) Maximize Your Investment With Basement Bedrooms

As a professional basement contractor with 20+ years of experience in St. Louis, here are some guidelines that will be helpful when planning a bed room that will satisfy St. Louis building codes. If you live in another area, check into building codes specific to your neighborhood or region.

Main specifications MUST Include:

-A light with a switch of course.
-A smoke detector in the bedroom and just outside the
 bedroom door.
-A clothes closet.
-An arc-fault interrupter circuit breaker (must be installed
 powering all receptacles).
-An egress window with a minimum clear opening of 5.7 sq. ft.
 and whose sill height is not more than 44" off the floor.

(4) Advantages of a Full Bathroom with a Shower
This will be an especially valuable accompaniment to a new basement bedroom and/or family room. Picture how a teenager, house guest, or basement party goer might appreciate the convenient location of this bathroom.

(5) A Reliable and Competent Basement Finishing Contractor

There are some basements finished reasonably well by home owners and I certainly wouldn't want to discourage an ambitious individual from going through what could be a very rewarding process.

That being said, whether you decide to tackle the job yourself or hire it out, be WELL advised as to all the many special requirements of your particular municipality, because they will vary and  the consequences for non-compliance can be  unpleasant and costly.

            If you hire a contractor ...

DO Insist on seeing the contractor's previous jobs and DO talk with his previous clients to see if his past performance  and job quality meet with your standards. This will help insure your best possible experience.
The basement finishing process when done well will add much to your family's quality of life.  By hiring an experienced and reliable basement finishing specialist you will help insure the best use of your valuable time and money as well as creating a great space the whole family can enjoy.

I hope these guidelines will be helpful when you decide to finish your basement.   -Steve Cassilly

 Click the blueprint image below for a basement refinishing video of one of our completed local projects.

Get a basement specialist with an established record- one who can deliver the results you want, and has the ability to find or design the best way to make it happen.

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